Thursday, September 27, 2007


Mark gets a new MRI every two months. This is always an edgy day. Six times a year we look inside Mark's brain to see what the hell is going on. Is this stupid $200 a pill, five-day long pack-o-poison doing anything to that stupid cunt cancer? So far, since he started the chemo, we've seen nothing. Three MRIS, three no changes.

But every time, it's fresh. Every time, there's four options: Shrink, grow, stay the same size -- or unreadable for whatever reason.

Anything could happen. Coin toss with Mark's Brain.

Here I go.


kateco said...

If that is your new survey, I vote shrink.

Mark said...

And thank you, Michelle, for keeping everyone updated this morning.

Funny, I never feel edgy about these things. I don't expect any big change in any direction, and there never is any. For me the most distressing part is getting up early.