Wednesday, September 26, 2007

No morning news meeting

Michelle got right up and headed off to work, her coffee in a go-cup, so we didn't have time for the M&M morning news meeting.

Even without her here, I groaned and uttered a little profanity, right out loud, when I saw this, the top to a story in the Seattle Times:

"Here are some important notes to help you if you’re planning to attend Gloria’s funeral at 10 a.m. Thursday:"
Apparently they've canceled school that day and they're running buses between the school and the church. Man.

In other news, Malaria (Day 4 now) continues online at the Times, although it must be winding down because I notice they also have an online Q&A scheduled today with a doctor discussing genital warts. I wondered what the next disease would be. Next week, toenail fungus?

In the P-I, I notice a huge promo for the stupid, day-late goat story. It almost looks like the top of my favorite blog. I'm guessing this is the big A-1 news meeting victory Michelle was bragging about yesterday.


kateco said...

Of course Seattle Home Values Are Hottest in US! You people are allowed to own goats! Talk about desirability!

kateco said...

Okay that's my goat talk for the day.

kateco said...

And don't you guys read thenitenote anymore? I didn't see that in your beat*days.

Mark said...

I love the night note.

Gotta catch up with the atheist video dude and Lynette's cool-looking project.

kateco said...

Just teasing ... the stats say M&M likes thenitenote!

Michelle said...

You better know it baby. BAAAAH!