Tuesday, October 30, 2007

'Boo to my shoe'

One of the perennial Halloween stories in my family comes from the time when the girls were really little, like 2 and 3, and Greta and I took them to Eugene to visit my parents.

It was Halloween and the girls wore costumes, but they weren't ready to go out trick-or-treating so their job was to answer the door and hand out candy for Grandma Rita and Papa. When one of the first little groups rang the bell Franny popped up to do her job, but then almost as soon as she answered the door she broke into huge cries and came running back to the living room. We finally got her calmed down enough to find out what the problem was.

"That boy said 'boo' to my shoe," she said between sobs.

I might have a couple details wrong -- I feel like I'm leaving out some important part; Mom? -- but that's how I remember it.

This pic is from a Eugene trip a few years later. The cousins, when they were all around 9 or 10: Chelsea, Gabby, Gina and Fran.


Rita said...

A classic Halloween saying in this goofy family.

Your memory is as I remember it, Mark, except that Franny was wearing shiny new shoes at the time, maybe adding a little insult to the 'boo' injury.

Happy Halloween everyone!!

Mark said...

Oh ... right! That's why she was upset. Doh.

Thanks for the story assist.

Janice said...

Here is a Michelle halloween story that predates the Boo story. Having tried to scare up a younger child to take trick or treating and failed, Michelle, me, Judy and I think Vicky Scafani decided to trick or treat ourselves at age 14 or 15. We knew we couldn't count on treats at that age (although I've handed out candy to folks at least that old tonight), we dressed as hippies, bought a bunch of stick incense and offered a burning stick to homeowners in trade for the candy. It worked some of the time, other times they told us we were too old. Regardless, we told them peace and love and Michelle skipped away from each door. In keeping with the peace and love thing, we didn't trick anyone.

Rita said...

I love it...bet she giggled when she skipped away.

Not too many trick-or-treaters here tonight.