Thursday, October 25, 2007

Brett and Jermaine

Man, I am so proud to say that M&M is the top result on Google for the search "Brett and Jermaine," referring of course, to Brett and Jermaine of the Flight of the Conchords. They are one of the awesomest things to come out of 2007 -- definitely on my Top Three list.

There are a million, one hundred fifty thousand results for Brett and Jermaine. How the hell are we number one?

"It's weird," I tell Mark. "It's random!"

"It's not random, it's an algorithm," Mark provides. "We just don't understand it."

He looks at me sagely. His alarm rings. It's time for him to take some of his plentiful drugs.

"It's time," he says. "It's always time for something. That's what I noticed."

Maybe he's listening to too much Neil Young?

Anyways, we just watched Brett and Jermaine do their latest song on Conan -- 'All the Ladies.' One of the lines went something like this:

If all the soldiers in the world
would put down their weapons
and pick up a girl,
what a peaceful world
this would be

All the ladies

The point of the song being that Brett and Jermaine would just like to show their appreciation to all the ladies in the world by making love to them. All of them. (Is that even physically possible? Jermaine wonders in song. He looks quite interested in trying to find out. Even on the old ones, the erudite ones, the fat ones ... you get the idea)

Yet another classic from the New Zealand duo. Check out other classics such as 'Business Time' over on Youtube. If you don't think they rock now, that's just because you haven't seen them yet.

PS: The #1 Google result for the phrase business time is this video on youtube:


kateco said...

1) google ranking on G & J search = impressive

2) it is always time for something and, i noticed, if it's not one thing it's another

time to make fais dodo -- congrats on launching spi and the ranking.

nitey -- k

Michelle said...

-nite. :)

Mark said...

I love these guys too.

Re: "They are one of the awesomest things to come out of 2007 -- definitely on my Top Three list."

Ok, what else is in your Top 3?

Others, your thoughts?

Rita said...

Top Three out of 2007 has to include Penelope of Saturday Night Live, and M&M, of course.

(After all - a #1 ranking on google! Keep watching Technorati)

Anonymous said...

Haha I only found your page only beacause i typed jemaine name wrong! it is not Jermaine rather Jemaine!