Sunday, October 21, 2007

Forgot my camera ...

... so no awesome news photo of the event, but I just had a nice brunch at Easy Street Records with Gina. Franny was off doing homework with a friend and Michelle was at the Home Depot.

We had fun.


kateco said...

Ah, fun.

Mark said...


I meant to mention, Queen had the Blueberry Hill Hotcakes and I had the Dolly Parton Stack -- two pancakes, two eggs over easy, two slices of bacon -- and a large grapefruit juice. I traded one bacon for a few of Gina's blueberries. Quite tasty.

We had a nice chilly fall afternoon walk too, then stopped at the Starbucks for a pound of French and the Sunday New York Times.

Rita said...

WHAT could be nicer than that!!!

With Michelle going to Home Depot, I can only imagine what project she may be considering now!

Michelle said...

1. weatherstrip for under the garage door, since I just bought a bad ass treadmill
2. electrical doo dads needed to install 220 volt outlet in garage, for said treadmill
3. frisser frasser. I've already changed the latch on the gate into the yard once, and it still wont stay closed. got a slide across bolt this time. You bet it's staying in place now.

Rita said...

Go girl, but watch out for step 2.