Friday, October 5, 2007

Free the Jena 6

Michelle and I played cards at the Hustler last night, and I got kind of friendly with an older black guy wearing a crisp new baseball cap with the words "Free the Jena 6" stitched in sharp white. I asked him where he got the hat.

"I sell 'em," he said. "Shirts too. You look to be about an extra large." All gut, and so I could have done without the carnival trick, but yeah.

A couple hands later I check-raised him out of a pot, stacked his chips and said I might be able to afford a t-shirt now. Ok, he said, then it was worth losing the hand. He got up and came back a few minutes later with my black XL shirt, 10 bucks.

After that I went on a tremendous run, winning over $400. A while later an old white guy joined the game and sat between us, and then he asked my friend about the hat too.

"You should get one," I said, and then nodded at my chips. "Good karma."

This morning, when Michelle drove down to meet some people at the Orange County Register, I went downstairs here at the Commerce and found a game. An old white dude gave me the once-over.

"What," he said, "are those those kids in Alabama or Arkansas or wherever?"

"Louisiana," I said. It's still my lucky shirt. I'm up quite a bit, and just taking a short break now before heading back down for more action.

Also, in addition to appreciating the good luck charm, from what I've read those six kids have gotten a raw deal. I'm sure my $10 won't get anywhere near their legal case, but I'm glad to help advertise the cause to a few retired old degenerates.


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Janice said...

If ever a story called out for a photo, it's this one. Let's see you in the t-shirt. The Dave would have insisted.

Mark said...

I might have been a little tipsy after K&V's party at this point.