Friday, October 19, 2007

I love Kaye's smelt

I made some smelty art in honor of Kaye's smelt. Click on the pic to see it in it's shiny full sized glory.

Speaking of fish and RVs, two obsessions I used to write about but haven't in a while, here's where I am on those subjects now.

1. Airstreams are cool, but I can't travel in an RV because I love long hot showers too much. I'm pretty sure that the shower I took tonight used up more water than Kaye's whole monthly water allotment.

2. Fish Land, as Mark calls it, has entered a new phase. All the adult guppies I bought are dead. They all died one after the other of bloat, fin rot, white sores and what have you. A very unhealthy lot. They left behind three generations of babies. There are now seven teenagers, a handful of preteens and a handful of babies. None of them have any of these strange diseases, though one of them is a hunchback. All of the teens and preteens are yellowish, and the babies are all bluish, because their mom was a blueish fish who popped them all out the night before she died.

3. I didn't warn you ahead of time, but I'm ready to announce my decision on the fig tree. I decided Val is right. Fig trees don't develop hope just because you buy them and give them a home for a week. I'm taking that non-sweet Southern Californian sucker back, and I'm getting me a Brown Turkey, or whatever it is.


Mark said...

As our president would say: I know that the human being and the fish can coexist.

kateco said...

1) yeah, Val is always right

2) like that fish art

3) What the hell am I doning awake at 8 am on a Saturday!? Somebody thought it was a good idea to power wash the alley behind Starbucks starting before dawn today. My barista has never seen me so crabby.

Michelle said...

That's lame. Stupid power washer.

mich said...

I forgot to say it before, but I was going to vote for returning the fig tree. So good for you!

Janice said...

I make no apologies for assigning feelings to fig trees. I get it from my granddad who couldn't pass up a sorry looking plant. I can't either. But I do agree that it is much more practical to plant a plant that will be happy in your yard than nurse a plant that is too far north. I also agree that plants need space and a fig grove might not be a good idea and may even create, dare I say it, cross pollination issues? I don't know about fig tree sex but . . .

kateco said...

poetry has its applications, but I see that in fig tree choices ... not so much.

In no mood to force the zone,
advised against romantic notions
of arboreal plenty, she returned
the fig tree of low expectations
and turned her face toward
the fat brown turkeys of fall.

Michelle said...

...and the nursery ladies said
o, but the grower says it will grow here
they gathered round and touched its fruit
and hmmd and pursed their lips
and frowned
an expert was brought in from the back room.
He pinched the fruit and listened to the story of the tree
then mused
it grows, he says, but perhaps it doesnt bear fruit here
Maybe for that
it needs the long season
and the hot California sun.
ah, they all said
and gave me back my forty dollars.

Val said...

wow, that's really good, and I don't even like poetry.

kateco said...


kateco said...

Hey did you add captcha cuz you were getting comment spam?

Michelle said...

spam yes. Got the first one last night -- a link to an asian site, where all the letters are boxes.

hey thanks val! i dont like much poetry either. what a scanal it was when i was enrolled in the writing masters program at usc, and the head of the program was this giant poetry guru, and everybody walked around pretening to like poetry because of it. and i was the only one i ever met there with the balls to say i didnt care much for poetry. man, they were all like, don't say that around the dean, 'k??

Michelle said...

er, make that scandal and pretending. is something wrong with my d? time to shake my laptop.