Sunday, October 28, 2007

'I'm with Janice'

That was my mom the sports fan, calling me as soon as Brad Hawpe parked one in the seventh inning to pull Colorado within two runs, 3-1, of avoiding a Boston sweep in the World Series.

"How 'bout that home run," Mom said. "I'm with Janice. I want the Rockies to extend this thing. Who wants to see the Red Sox win again?"

I note that the Sox have only won once in something like the last 88 years, but yeah. I'm with Mom. (Her reference was to Janice's M&M comment on Schilling and the Sox, here.)


Janice said...

DISAPPOINTMENT! At least the game was more exciting that the last three. I might point out that the Rockies have not won at all not even once. Of course they are new kids on the block. Now no baseball til april. BTW, it's nice to meet you, Rita.

Mark said...

Yeah, it really wasn't much of a series considering how hot the Rockies were for the last month of the season.

I was pulling for a longer series, but I wasn't actually rooting for Colorado. Boston either, I guess -- just good baseball, and more of it.

Oh well. Just three and a half months til pitchers and catchers report to spring training.

Rita said...

This blog is so cool!