Thursday, October 11, 2007

In a Mellotone

I met my sister Mich today for a nice lunch at the Two Bells Tavern, an old favorite haunt. Last night Michelle complained that she's never been to the Two Bells. "You only go there with cool people," she said.

What could I say? Asked and answered, my friend.

Mich and I caught up on her work trip to Savannah and the fun M&M trip to LA, and she told me a bit more about my awesome nephew Tony's fascination with his new saxophone. I brought along a mix of tenor greats for Tony to check out. I hope he likes it. I've posted part of it as a playlist on iTunes; here's the full lineup:

Sax mix for Tony

1. My Romance. Ben Webster, with Tony “Sweets” Edison. Ben and “Sweets.”
2. Have You Met Miss Jones? Ben Webster, with Art Tatum. The Tatum Group Masterpieces, Vol. 8.
3. Cheese Cake. Dexter Gordon. Go.
4. Round Midnight. Dexter Gordon. The Other Side of Round Midnight.
5. Tenderly. Ben Webster. King of the Tenors.
6. In a Mellotone. Ben Webster. Live in Paris.
7. Chelsea Bridge. Gerry Mulligan and Ben Webster. Gerry Mulligan Meets Ben Webster.
8. Soulville. Ben Webster. Soulville.
9. Like Someone in Love. John Coltrane. Lush Life.
10. Freddie Freeloader. John Coltrane (with Miles Davis). Kind of Blue.
11. After Hours. Sonny Rollins and Sonny Stitt (with Dizzy Gillespie). Sonny Side Up.

Here's a recent pic of Mich and Tony, from the Puyallup Fair last month.


Rita said...

I love this Blog!

So glad you two got together. What a cool uncle. Tony will probably be playing those mellow tones before you know it.

kateco said...

Is there no end to the Matassa clan's talents?

Mark said...

infinitely expanding. kind of a big bang dillio.

Mich said...

Wow, Mark, what a cool post. Tony's already loving his CD (me too!), and he was pretty amazed when I showed him the blog tonight. He said he couldn't believe Uncle Mark was praising him "in front of the whole world!"

Lunch was great today, as always.

Mich said...

p.s. Love that I-Tunes playlist!

Mark said...

Thanks Mich. Glad you guys are enjoying it. And thanks for keeping the comments going instead of email. Very cool.

I love this blog.