Thursday, October 4, 2007

Into the Wild

All I'm going to say is man, what a gripping movie. And here's hoping someone in your newsroom doesn't announce the ending to everyone, pretty much ruining everything for you. Somehow, I managed to enjoy it anyways. It was really a great movie. William Hurt, Hal Holbrook and the guy who plays the kid were all really good. The script was tight and excellent. Who knew Spicoli would turn out to be such a genius director?

Also, great day today walking around the Farmer's Market. It's nice to be doing something besides building a made-up Website.

Also took a stab at poker tonite, and once again lost. Stupid poker. (Also, as I used to say back when I played tennis, stupid racquet.)

We're cozy in our new digs at the Commerce Casino. The room is big and the tub is deep with jacuzzi jets, the wireless connection is free and the whole room doesn't feel musty like the overrated Buonaventure.

Mark keeps typing and typing, but never posts. What kind of War and Peace thing is he writing, anyways?


Mark said...

4 giant inoperable gliomas!

Best movie of the year. It's so good that it makes me want to go back and resect half a glioma or so from some previous reviews, just so this one stands out.

The storytelling is brilliant, the casting and acting inspired. Not one less-than-perfect scene in the movie.

Sean Penn should win best director.

kateco said...

wow ...