Thursday, October 25, 2007


(Cross-posted on Poker Seattle)

In addition to the fun and good fortune of winning a couple racks worth of chips this afternoon, I had the satisfaction of exacting a tiny punishment from the dealer who jacked Michelle out of a pot last month.

After that horrible hand Michelle and I both vowed to stiff "Triple H" from our customary one-dollar tokes when dragging a pot. Unfortunately, in subsequent trips to the Muck either H didn't make it to our tables or we weren't able to win a hand when she did. In fact, I knew it was time to leave in one game last week when Triple H pushed me a pot and I inadvertently tossed her a chip. I'm not paying enough attention, I thought to myself, and I got up and cashed out.

But today, playing in a softish $4/8 game that included my friend and former boss David, I happened to hit a little rush during H's down. Four pots I won while she was dealing, and four dollars I didn't slide back in her direction. I think she noticed too. She looked at me kind of funny and then, when other players tipped her, pointedly knocked the felt and thanked them before glancing back at me.

Is my no-tip policy mean? Oh well.

I'm sure she'll never connect the toke drought with her own bad dealing on that sorry night. But who knows, maybe she'll concentrate a little harder if only to figure out for sure whether I'm stiffing her. That's a good outcome right there.

And anyway, those are four bucks I can use to tip the waitresses, who work harder and are more deserving.


Michelle said...

Nice job, baby. 4 stiffs down, 116 to go. Beyotch!

Rita said...


kateco said...

heh -- there's some kinda beautiful black karma hall of mirrors going on here, but I know it's good when deserving waitresses win, crap dealers get their double-secret comeuppance and Mark picks up stacks of chips -- I'll have to try to figure it out tomorrow, my head is still ringing from my trip to hell yesterday.