Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Me on Webcast

I don't know why I'm posting this, since my maniacal laugh explodes (loudly) about every five minutes, but here's the link to the webcast of the panel I co-hosted last week. Note to self: Next time, less maniacal laughing.

PS: I asked the web guy where the Mac version was, and here's what he said:


Mac users should download and install the free Flip4Mac plug-in on their
computers. It allows them to play WMV content within Quicktime... Very cool.
I suggest that all of my clients add a link to their content pages as it
makes things very easy.


Mark said...

Won't work on my Mac. Maybe you should upload a sample clip to YouTube, just so we can hear that funny laugh.

kateco said...

Also mac problems here -- but hey, just today I was thinking that I needed some more maniacal laughter in my day. Mwahahaha! I mean, doesn't that make sense?

Rita said...

The laughter that we all know and love!

An awesome job, Michelle, and very interesting stuff.

Mark said...

Man, Mom, you might be our only reader with a Windows computer. None of the rest of us hipsters can see this video.

I'll take your word for it that she rocked.

Janice said...

Maniacal laughter is so IN. Look at Hillary!

Mark said...

Janice, that's so true!

I wonder if Michelle has the same consultant and pollster ...