Monday, October 29, 2007

Oyster walk

Michelle and I have always liked to take late-night walks, dating back to the time we were working on PersonalReader, keeping crazy hours, and we'd have to go get some fresh air and move around just to stay awake. Those we called "grog walks," to combat grogginess.

Tonight we walked up to the junction to check out a new neighborhood restaurant, a little Tiki-themed place called Ama Ama that specializes in fresh oysters. Kinda spendy for an evening snack, but pretty good. We shared a dozen local oysters -- four from B.C., four from Puget Sound and four from Oregon -- and a small po' boy sandwich, along with a couple of nice microbrew drafts.

I don't know how often we can afford to do it, but the grog walk now has a new theme.


Michelle said...

Yummy good. But I wish you could get a decent oyster around here without paying an arm and a leg. What's up with that? They grow 'em up here -- seems like they'd be cheaper.

Janice said...

supply and demand, baby