Friday, October 12, 2007


Gina: Do I have a baby book?
Mark: Heck no.

(pause, consider)

Gina: Good.
(laughter, pause, consider)

Gina: That was classic.


Mark said...

Mich, do you have a baby book?

Rita said...

Again - what's a baby book?

Mark, do you have one?

Mich said...

I'm carrying on in the proud tradition of Matassa(-ish) moms who don't fill up the books. Gabby and Tony probably don't know what a baby book is, for real.

I guess now the thing is probably to do a Baby Blog for your kid.

Rita said...

How smart you are!!

Blaze the trail, Michele.

Gina said...

I want a tshirt that says laughter, pause, consider

Rita said...

A great end-to-the-story, Gina.