Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sushi and a Stroll

Tonite we went for a stroll down to the Junction, where we had some tasty sushi, and saw some nicely lit houses. At the sushi place, I also took some pictures, because I'm working on a travel guide for SPI, the new online-only magazine we're launching for the younger reader (as in, not 50) in Seattle. It's launching Oct. 26 -- you can check it out then at Man, these guys make some beautiful food.

This guy's the owner. He was very cool. He seemed happy to hear we're featuring him in my 99 Things to do in Seattle visitor's guide. I don't know why. The place is always so packed, I don't know how they can possibly fit another person in there.

Thanks, Mashiko! You can find them at Gotta love that url.


kateco said...

These are really nice pix -- they'll look great on the big site.

Mark said...

Yes, I agree.

And Michelle's right about this food -- these guys are the sushi gods. Kinda spendy, but definitely treat-worthy.

Rita said...

Good job, Michelle. Makes me wish I liked sushi.