Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A tasty slice of Kate Cohen goodness

Right now I'm enjoying a piece of toast and preserves with my cup of coffee. Too incremental an update even for M&M Incremental Updates, you say? But wait!

These aren't just any preserves, but From Our Vine 2007 Grape Preserves with Thyme (With Healthy Grapeseed Made in September), which arrived yesterday from the awesome Kate Cohen. Check out Friends of the Vine.

Also in the package, the very cool shirts I ordered -- one Old Guys Rule t-shirt, one Pitbull of Grumpiness baseball shirt -- and a Pitbull kitchen clock. All Kaye's designs. Great friend, great merch.

I've had my share of grape preserves over the years, but never anything better than this: sweet, delectable, with just a hint of tartness to keep it in line. Perfetto!

Thank you, Kaye and Val.