Tuesday, October 30, 2007

There it is

Well, this isn't mine, but it's the same model and color.

Here's the "bed" setting for the chairs.

Here it is with the seats lifted out of the way ... I'm pretty sure my treadmill will fit in there.

Mich, I got the guy's card if you're interested. He'll sell it to you for $200 above invoice, and give you at least $10,000 for the crap Jetta.

Plus, he'll fill up the tank. :)


Val said...

very cool! Here's what it would look like if made of Legos: http://www.swaystudio.com/honda_movie.html

(BTW, try to tell Blogger to publish entire posts in the RSS feed, rather than just excerpts. Thanks!)

Mobility Equipment said...

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