Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Watching my money do stuff around the world

Man, I'm totally digging watching my money helping people grow businesses and make money around the world. I loaned $175 to four families a couple of months ago, and already one of the loans is 10 percent repaid, and another is 6 percent paid off.

Here's the back story on these guys:
"Mrs. Ten Savein is 24 years old, married, and has 2 children. She works selling a variety of fruits, giving her $4/day income. Her husband is a motor-taxi driver and can earn $2/day. This loan will be used to purchase more fruits for her business. She hopes she can continue to expand her business so that she can support her children."

I like these guys too, mostly because they used my money to buy a motorcycle. How cool is that?

They're six percent paid off. Here's their story:

Mrs. Mich Thoeun, 48 years old, lives in Kampong Cham and sells vegetable and fruit for a living. She earns about $2/day in her sales activities and her husband earns $2.5/day working as a teacher. The couple also supports Mrs. Mich Thoeun's mother and their 2 children. This loan will be used to purchase sugarcane and a motorcycle for transporting her product."

I loaned them $75, and a bunch of other people contributed money to them too -- including Claire in Victoria, British Columbia, Pam in Shropshire, United Kingdom, Jim in Levittown, NY and Paul, Las Vegas, NV -- and I guess the motorcycle is working out. They're 6 percent paid off and are able to sell enough sugarcane to pay off a little every month.

You can watch my businesses take off here.


Rita said...

You'll go to heaven, whether you want to or not.

Mark said...

I agree Mom, she's stuck.

This is a very cool thing you're doing, Michelle, and I hope you'll keep us updated on the progress of your projects.

I made a micro-investment at the poker table yesterday. Not expecting to be repaid anytime soon.