Sunday, October 7, 2007

Week in Review

For a slideshow with larger images go here.


Rita said...

Welcome home!

Thanks for the great vacation.

Mark said...

Thanks Mom, and thanks Michelle for documenting all our fun with such excellent photos.

This slide show is great. It really was a fun week, building to the pinnacle with our good friends on Friday night.

Rita said...

Every picture and every post was a treat.

Technorati rating went up 431,519 points in two days.

Also, everyone should be on close-friends-basis with the Cohens.

Michelle said...

Rita, you crack me up! and yes, you are right about the cohens. I better stop advertising them, bc soon everybody's going to want one and there will be none left for me. :)

Mark said...

Top million, here we come!

Wow, Mom, I thought you were joking about the Technorati rating, but it's true. Up from 1.8 million to 1.35 or something.

We must be clicking on ourselves a lot.

kateco said...
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kateco said...

Rita! -- any mom of Mark's is on a close friend basis with the Cohens, it's the associative property of close friendship -- or maybe it's guilt by association -- either way. Plus, we have that deep FOM&M bond.

Nik: run out of Cohen goodness reserved just for you? not a chance.

Mark: Self-clicking our way into the Technorati top million could result in blindness or hairy mousing index fingers...and yet, I can not seem to stop.

kateco said...

and nik ... i am glad you are taking pictures again. they're really beautiful.

Rita said...

Thanks, Kay..good to be accepted by the 'coolio crowd'.

Aside from our M&M Mutual Admiration Society, I'm a big fan of your artwork and the K&V culinary expertise.
What a great show of gourmet entertainment.

Mark said...

I love how this stupid blog is making friends and co-commenters of everyone. As Kaye would say, I'm feeling all community-y.

Lurkers, come out! (Yes you, Renee. Also Peetz, are you there?)

Someday we should have a big non-virtual M&M party for anyone who's ever wasted time on this silly site.

If K&V bring the food, I might even press a shirt and show up myself.