Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Yay! Our page won second place!

I'm so excited. I love to win. My prize was a teeny little usb mouse. Handy, for next time I need to build a big web page in Photoshop. My finger hurts from using the touch pad.

Anyways, it will be no suprise to anyone who knows Jeff Light, deputy editor at the OC Register, that his team won first place. He's a genius idea man and is also enough of a perfectionist to stay up until 3 a.m. to create a kick-ass presentation.

He said my team's project was "rock solid." Thanks Jeff.

I'm headed down to the OC Register Friday to check out the new CCI NewsDesk system that's allegedly incredible, giving newspapers a way to seamlessly publish their content both on dead trees and online. Brilliant designer and CCI man (and rodeo rider) David Medzerian is taking me on a whirlwind tour, and then I'm talking to Amy and Jeff about their audacious plans to make the Web the Register's primary platform. Content there will be soon be repurposed for the paper -- not the other way around. Sounds exciting! As always, Jeff's pushing the envelope. I'm trying to talk Amy into blogging the experience ...

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Rita said...

Big Time Kudos!!