Friday, November 23, 2007

The Element Experiment

So last night, there was frost on the pumpkin, as farmboy Mark likes to say. To you and me that means it was pretty darn cold, but even so, Mark and I decided to go through with camping out in the Element. We made one little compromise -- we pulled the car into Rita's garage, and camped out in there. My review: three gliomas. Pretty cozy, not at all cold -- one improvement we need to add is a full size air mattress. We have some B-grade air mattresses in there now. Once we make that improvement, I think the camping experience will rate four gliomas. I'm ready to hit the road.

Mark's review: "Good."


Mark said...

It was 27 degrees last night -- maybe 34 in the garage -- so I was surprised we stayed so warm sleeping in the car. It was pretty comfortable too, considering that we're basically sleeping on car seats folded flat with some blankets and sleeping bags thrown on top. It's like camping in a tent: you know you're not in your own bed, but otherwise it's pretty coze.

The only downside is that we were so cocooned in there I was afraid of getting up this morning and waking up Michelle.

But I could definitely see having the E be our road trip car and emergency backup camping option. Also, did we mention the electrical outlet in the back. You can directly plug in a coffee pot. Sweet.

freda said...

all that and a coffee pot too, man you are spoiled.

Ronelle said...

I say "frost on the pumpkin" too! it must be a Maher thing.

kateco said...

nice ... bodes well for the convoy