Thursday, November 1, 2007

Flashback: Kid photos

Weekend challenge: send us photos of you as a kid -- we'll post 'em! Here's ours:

Me and my sister Renee in 1965. I was one.

Five years later. Mark and family in San Francisco. He was 10.

Mark in college, at his college paper. What a cute young pup!

PS: what we're watching: Mel Gibson's The Patriot. Sappy and heavy-handed.


Mark said...

Michelle, this is awesome and has the potential to be a very cool thread.

This is my favorite picture of my family, and I can still remember that day. Whenever we've been to San Francisco together Michelle and I have talked about recreating this pose, but we've never done it.

And I love this picture of Michelle and Renee.

The last picture Mich just dropped off here today. It was taken by Rich Waggoner, a guy I went to college with and who now works with Michele at the Seattle Times. I sure was young, probably 20 when this was taken.

Everyone send us an old photo and we'll create a gallery.

Michele Matassa Flores said...

I love this! I wish I had a scanner to contribute some old photos myself. Fun idea!

freda said...

lovely pics, I'll send some when I get home. I leave here tomorrow. I'll be home a week later after a week in Virginia.