Tuesday, November 27, 2007

'I want a hippopotamus for Christmas'

I don't know if that old hippo novelty Christmas song is the one Franny and Gina were singing when this picture was taken, but I know it's one of the half dozen or so they performed last week with Greta at Pacific Place, in downtown Seattle.

My old friend and former boss Dave Boardman happened to catch the show and sent me this photo. That's Clipper Anderson, Greta's boyfriend and bassist, on the left.


mich said...

Cute picture. Too bad Boardman didn't grab any audio while he was there!

Ronelle said...

Hey, I agree with Michele...the picture is great and I am happy to see it, but I want to hear it too. Do you have any video of your kids singing? Let's swap some performance samples through e-mail.Shhhhh don't tell Christin I am sending clips of her singing!!!!

Rita said...

How CUTE can you get???!!!

Rita said...

How CUTE can you get???!!!
I'll try to find a hippo for them.