Friday, November 9, 2007

Things to do:

1. Get good idea
2. Work hard on it
3. Publish book
4. Repeat

I just stumbled on this cool blog today by Sasha Cagen, a San Francisco writer who began collecting people's to-do lists a few years back, turned them into a blog and a small magazine and now has published a book reproducing them and pondering what they tell us about ourselves. Smart.

Examples on her site run the gamut from cleaning the house to contemplating boyfriend criteria. I like this list of possible screen names (lifted from

Good for Sasha. I hope she has a big hit with her book.


Rita said...

How in the heck do you find these blogs?

This one strikes a familiar cord, being of that 'ologist group myself. In fact, just made a list of my own the day before I read this.

How smart and creative of Sasha!

Your list looks great, Mark. Start crossing them off.

Mark said...

Yeah, isn't this cool?

On my list, I've got 1 and 4 down. I keep getting stuck on 2.

Rita said...

Out loud laugh!

Do like she says in her book and add a couple things you've done and cross them off. Makes you feel better.

Janice said...

the screen name list is really funny. Wonder why whopper head is in the possible list while eskimo man is in the stupid list? Solid Metal Snake might be the best.