Friday, November 23, 2007

Turkey Day Pix from Ronelle

Mark's Aunt Chickie
Chickie's son Rick and his son Rickie
Mark's second cousins Holly and Christen


Mark said...

Great photos. Aunt Chickie is in the pantheon of excellent relatives.

We need a picture of Ronelle!

mich said...

Rick, you look like Uncle Ron! Aunt Chickie, you look great. Beautiful kids, too. I'd say the pantheon designation works for the whole family.

Ronelle, send a photo like Mark says!

Ronelle said...

Ha Ha, I guess Rick does look like my dad. So does Ricky...almost exactly like him physically. Your mom is reminding me a lot of Grandma too -all good memories. Michele, you look great and I appreciate your being "a good sport" -I will now have to do the same. I will send some pix - okay - I will probably send ONE pix. Your kids are beautiful too -and seem to have so much fun together. I can't wait for the Christmas pics ha ha.

mich said...

You're right, Ronelle, about Ricky. That family resemblance is sure strong. I'll be watching here for your photo!

Rita said...

Thank you, Ronelle, for the wonderful pictures! This blog should have happened ages ago, huh?
You all look fantastic. We only need to erase 3,000 miles and join groups - what a great celebration that would be.

It has been a beautiful Thanksgiving for me, for many reasons, and to have our East-Coast branch of the family a part of it has made it even more special. All of your wonderful expressions of love and support over this past year have meant more than you will ever know - to all of us.

No fair that you look so great, Chickie.