Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Christmas Report

A casual poll of the M&M many finds the multitudes content.

K&V are gaming happily in Long Beach.
Rita is getting her dose of Xmas spirit at Casa Michie and Manuel.

Manuel and friends learned that Manuel makes a way bitchin' tamale.
M&M sure enjoyed them, and Manuel promised to teach Mark how to make them.

The M&M girls dug their new video Ipods and movie posters of Depp, Hepburn, and more.

Freda is with her kids and grands in D.C., enjoying xmases Vietnamese and English.

M&M watched a double feature this afternoon: Sweeney Todd and Savages, both pretty good

Mnicol loved her dvds from Mark of the first season of Hooouse,

Rosetta Stone Italian gifts from Mark and Kate promise to make us both fluent.

ciao M&Mers,

Thank you all for being with us this year. It has been awesome.
I hope you'll stay with us in '08 for more great adventures.

On Janice, on Judy, Laur, Dan, Sandy, and Postman,
On Mich, on Rita, Renee, Rowes, and Freda,
Nicolosis, Cohennas, Matassas and more
and whoever else is lurking out there,
love on you all

And don't forget:
Tell the people you love that you love them.
Tell them now.
Seize the day.

Merry Christmas to all.

And a happy New Year.



Janice said...

Christmas was wonderful here in Louisville. We ended up playing poker at Judy's house (even got Nancy-I-Don't-Play-Games to play). I used my M&M knowledge when David managed to win a pot by dropping "the hammer", a term I know only from this blog but casually dropped it and everyone thought I was a poker expert. Everyone but one had folded before then so he didn't get much but still.

kateco said...

Love to the world of M&M!

freda said...

such good advice, I love you all. ps. what is 'dropping the hammer?'