Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Many years ago, back when I met Mark, he told me that he liked to cook. For years, I kept hearing this "like to cook" story, but never saw much evidence of it. Once, he made a little dish of grilled sausage, pepper and onions, and man, it was good. But that was it for years. Then he pulled out the famous family sausage and meatball spaghetti recipe. Again, delicious. But cooker Mark went back into hibernation for years.

Now, all of a sudden, Mark's a total cooker. Tonite, he made a genius rotini with eggplant and riccotta. Last week, he made the delish sausage and meetball. He's made a few other things lately. I've gotten to the point where I call hopefully when it's time to come home and ask "what's for dinner?"

If this is part of the personality change that comes with having a scoop of your brain removed, I say bring it on.

What's for dinner tomorrow?


Rita said...

Mark: Imma lova you, hey.

Michelle: You're a cute kick-in-the-butt!

Mark said...

Yes, by all means, bring on the brainectomies. A couple more scoops and maybe I'll clean the house too.

That was pretty good eggplant marinara though. Thanks for the recipe, Mom.

kateco said...

that looks beautiful

Janice said...

Yeah, that "likes to cook" line is used a lot. Then you move in and wonder if he would have starved if you hadn't moved in! But cooking is great fun. Eating is too. And you can never have too many cooks in a house!

freda said...

Actually, I believe it is the result of having time to think about what you would like to eat, read up on nutrition and then play with ingredients. Believe it or not I now like to cook.