Saturday, December 22, 2007

M&M Christmas weekend challenge

Last weekend after Michelle posted some photos of our holiday decorating day, I had the idea of inviting M&M readers to send us their own pics. But Ronelle beat me to it, e-mailing these photos of her family's Oceanport, N.J., stylings even before I got around to asking. Thanks Ronelle.

Here you go, and let's see what you've got!

Addendum: For a terrific slide show of Kaye's winter solstice walk in Long Beach, check it out at the NiteNote.

Double new addendum: I forgot to add the long-promised picture of Ronelle that she sent earlier this week. So that's now posted below. I believe the little girl is Gia, Ronelle's niece or cousin, I'm not sure which, on her mom's side.


mich said...

Very pretty, Ronelle! But I don't see you in any of these pictures...

Mom and I are sitting here together admiring the pretty house. Have a great Christmas!

Mark said...

Oops, Mich, my bad. Ronelle did send me a picture of herself the other day, before she sent these, and I forgot to post it. I'll do that.

mich said...

Thanks for the photo. Ronelle looks exactly the same, and Gia is adorable!

Rick said...

Bloggers - These pix Ronelle sent are great. She looks quite content holding Gia doesn't she? But, you'd never know I was even at this pardoo, would ya? I must have been at the food station when the camera came out:)