Monday, December 10, 2007

Today I tried St. Jude

But still no dice. Another noun.

La seta. Silk. As in, "I went to la festa on il treno with a seta scarf covering il mio giant ventre. Mark say, hey, pass il pepe."

Oops. Didn't manage to get le indicazioni in there.

PS: Well darn. I see what I'm doing wrong. All along I should have been praying to St. Jerome, the patron Saint of Translators. Tomorrow I will try him.


Mark said...

wow, that's making una portamonete della seta out of a sow's ear.

kateco said...

in any language: heh

Mark said...

Allora. Pronunciation addendum:

How do you say "la seta?" Come si dice "la seta?"

Ahem: lah SAY-tah.