Friday, December 7, 2007

Today's word is... le indicazioni

That means directions, or information.

As in, "can you give me directions to a casino that is not full of idiots who call three bets cold and catch impossible cards on the river, and take all of your money?"

Mom, can you translate that for me?


freda said...

I don't even know what that means in English, that is English isn't it?

Rita said...

Sounds like 'indecision' as in:

"Let's shoot the idiots at Muckelshoot", or

"We shall return,lylng with inpenetrable image' and 'inscrutable bluffs' in place."

My guess being choice #2 will prevail.

Rita said...

Looks like that Word Verification - lylng, jumped in the middle of my thought.

kateco said...

rita/freda: hahaha

Mark said...

come si dice "le indicazioni"?

si dice: lay een-dee-KAHTZ-ee-oh-nee.