Friday, December 14, 2007

Why is my Whee-Lo so lame?

Maybe Val, or Gregory House can help me diagnose this. I bought a Whee-Lo at Restoration Hardware the other day, because a friend of mine has one and I got addicted to playing with it. I loved the way it spins faster and faster and faster, and makes that awesome whizzing sound.

But my stupid Whee-Lo for some reason gets a bit of speed going and - bloop - falls right off the track. Are the tracks too close together or too far apart? Did Mark break it or did it suck right out of the box? (kidding!)


Mark said...

Works fine for me. Maybe you're trying too hard.

Be cool, baby.

kateco said...

ah the old whee-lo performance anxiety

Michelle said...

trying too hard, perhaps. OR, the speed setting was all wrong. Today, just after I posted this whine, in fact, I noticed a yellow piece of plastic at the base of the toy that said something like "adjust speed." I moved it up and down a few times until I found the sweet spot. Now, this baby hums like a humming thing. I take it all back.