Thursday, January 10, 2008

Come here you little bitch

Don't ask me why, but that was the internal dialog in my brain as I picked up my long abandoned guitar in its stand and pulled it over next to my chair.

Mr. Cool got me a little gift that arrived today -- an awesome dvd that teaches you how to play guitar. I just did the first lesson, and it rocks. Now, I'm going to practice my new power cords, A5, E5 and D5. (How many times have I wondered what that 5 was for. It indicates a power chord!)

How cool is it that the teacher has exactly the same guitar as me?


kateco said...

cool ... i need to get a pignose for the bass. Do you think there's a "Learn to Play the Flea Way" DVD? -- love, Fingers

michelle said...

That would rock

Mark said...

This DVD is cool. I spent a few minutes plunking around with it last night.

The first thing I notice is that, it turns out, I'm not really a guitar hero.