Wednesday, January 16, 2008

How popular is American Idol?

Google's most searched terms gives a hint. It's amazing how many Idol related terms are on the list tonite -- and you KNOW that unfathomable billions of people are using Google every minute of every day, so being at the top of the list is saying something.

So coming in at number three is Retts Syndrome, the disease one of the contestant's kid's has. Number 4 is kristy lee cook, another contestant. Number five is Selma Oregon, which is where Kristy Lee is from. Funny, the term American Idol isn't in the top ten -- it's number 22.

Scrolling down the list, Paula Abdul is #77. American Idol season 7 and Idol Age limit are the number 79 and 94 searches. And coming in at #98: I love rock and roll lyrics.

Honorable mention goes to "truck nuts," #84.

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