Saturday, January 12, 2008

I still went out too fast

I must've been over-excited by my cool new slow-jam workout mix. Still, as the easygoing music kicked in this afternoon I took my pace down and wound up feeling pretty good -- remarkably good, really, considering that I'm two days into my latest round of chemo.

The first few songs that came on -- shuffled randomly from the 85 or so I copied into the playlist -- were "Talking Old Soldiers," by Bettye LaVette; "There We Are," by James Taylor; "Don't Give Up," by Peter Gabriel; and "Body and Soul," by Billie Holiday, the one that gave me the idea.

Everything on the list isn't jazz or easy listening, though there's plenty of that. There's also some down-tempo Springsteen, Dylan, Angie Stone, Tom Waits, Pink Floyd and more. My only rules in picking the music were that they had to be songs I like but not so fast or rockin' that they might show up on "Guitar Hero."

I don't want to inadvertently get into shape.


Janice said...

I bought new running shoes today, they came with an optional chip to insert into a nano so that my pace and distance could be told to me as I ran. I told the sales guy I didn't need it because I was last person on earth who does not run with music. I don't know why, makes me feel like I'm in a class at the Y

LaSue said...

Hey - From the couch potato/slug like myself, where a 1/2 hour dog walk with the poodle consisting of multiple stops for sniffs and pees 3 times a week is the extent of my workout. You're doing great! I wonder if they make dog fitting earplugs that would quicken the poodle's pace? Actually, I think she need nose plugs so you wouldn't want to stop and sniff so much.

Janice said...

There is a poodle who walks her person around my neighborhood. As she snifted my groceries picking out the one bag with the stuff she would like, I told her she was a smart dog. Her person said, "Yeah, too smart." I bet the nose plug deal wouldn't fool a poodle!

LaSue said...

Inspired by your post and an extra beautiful sunny day in Southern California I took the poodle on an 1 hour dog walk in my neighborhood. On our return we stopped at this new Greek restaurant that serves a delicious dark roast of coffee and has a water bowl out front for dogs. Nuala even got a couple of pieces of somebodies leftover kabob. Oh well, so much for getting in shape.