Friday, January 4, 2008

One day I stopped blogging

This stupid blog began five months ago yesterday, when Michelle noted that something seemed to be missing in the weeks after our excellent World Series of Poker trip and she offered the first post: One day I couldn't stop blogging.

In the months since, Incremental Updates has been a little miracle of fun and community, a kind of gravity center for our awesome friends and family and a running account of the insignificance that makes up our lives. I've loved it. But as a few regulars have pointed out, I've stopped contributing much in the past week or two.

No, Kaye and Ronelle and Michelle, it's not just because I've deluded myself into thinking I truly am a guitar hero (although I just read that Slash was bragging about beating "Guitar Hero" on the medium level; hell, dude, I did that, and without the benefit of being the lead guitarist with Guns N' Roses or Velvet Revolver). But as I was telling Mom the other day on our drive down to Eugene, I felt like a I needed a little break from blogging. Even though I enjoy it, I was spending a lot of time in front of the computer and neglecting other important things, like my poker game.

But now it's a new year. I feel refreshed and ready to rejoin M&M.

That's it; I don't have anything else to say just yet. I just thought I'd issue fair warning that I'll be back around from time to time.

So Happy New Year everyone, and thanks for the nudge.


kateco said...

yeah -- sometime you actually have to do something other than blog to have something to blog about. or something like that.

Ronelle said...

So now you are going to be a blog tease? Isthat what you are saying?
That's okay with me..I will just keep pushing the lever like Pavlov's dog until I get a reward!

LaSue said...

Phew, It was starting to get a little boring not having news of your world. If I need to stop stalking and start contributing to keep this blog going, I will. Oh, by the way, thanks for the cool cow & sheep lighters. They have really nice flames and one is beside my "crap-sh*t" stove that doesn't light and the other in the b-b-que basket. Hey, Emily Post, does that count as a thank you note in 2008?
I love you both and looking forward to a great year of incremental updates.

kateco said...

wow, mark's blog tease got laurie to uncloak

kateco said...

PS -- this is sort of like the writers' strike. I just went back and listened to the bowie/bing post ....

Ronelle said...

Kate - now that you and I have become blog buddies (even though we are vying for the same prize) let's keep meeting here even if Mark decides he doesn't want to play anymore.

Rita said...

See, have fans out here who have missed you.
Guitar Hero Rock Stars can't begin to compete.

M&M keeps us all going.

After a fantastic Christmas in Seattle I am, as you say, refreshed, and ready for 2008 Incremental Updates. Should be a Banner Year.

kateco said...

oh yeah ronelle -- this place is nice even when the landlords aren't around