Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Awesome -- Simon just told one of the contestants she has the personality of a pencil

"Look at her," Mark says. "I love it when they're on the verge of crying."


mich said...

This cracked me up! We're watching too. I'm still laughing at Mark's comment. Funny stuff!

Mark said...

Mich, get a life. Jeez.

kateco said...


mich said...

What can I say? You've always been my role model, so now I'm stuck.

kateco said...

Reading M&M improves your cultural literacy. I was just able to partcipate in the big American Idol conversation in the starbucks line because of this post.

Thanks M&M!

Mark said...

Yes, Kaye, glad we could help.

Michy: My point wasn't that you're pathetic for watching this stupid show (although ... ) but that you're simultaneously watching our stupid blog to see if Michelle's writing about it.

Michelle said...


kateco said...

At strarbucks:

Barista: Kate, you watch American Idol?

Kate: Actually I read my friend's live blog of it.

Barista: Wow

Kate: That way I don't have to squirm because I'm watching some girl almost cry when Simon tells tells her she has the personality of a pencil.

Barista: That was funny.

Kate: I thought so. Because I was saved from actually having to see it.

Barista: Oh. [knit brow] Triple Grande Non-fat latte?

Kate: Yup.

Barista 2: Simon is so mean.