Friday, February 15, 2008

Go Russ!

I noticed Kaye called out a quote today on the NiteNote from Russ Stanton's victory speech yesterday, when he was named editor of the Los Angeles Times. I'm not sure what drew her attention exactly -- I guess his description of the Times newsroom as an "endless 'Groundhog Day' nightmare." That might have struck some Timesers funny.

But it's true, what he was saying about the pattern there the past few years: a new editor being named, fighting valiantly (but unsuccessfully) against newsroom cuts and then quitting or being fired. Russ is fixing to change all that, and good luck to him, I say.

Michelle and I both worked with Russ -- she at the OC Register, me at the Times -- and liked him. Good guy, very steady, smart. I think Mich knows him too somehow, and Kate must.

I thought he made an excellent speech to the Times staff yesterday. Here it is, along with a story about the change.

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kateco said...

It was the "Ground Hog Day" and also the "hopping mad" that drew me to the quote -- also that it was in fact the sad truth, something you don't usually hear in the corporate "new day" kind of speech. At least not the one you print in the paper.

PS: I knew Russ via The Register.