Sunday, February 10, 2008

Michelle in Europe

Very cool slide show Michelle posted earlier, but since they're all her pics from her camera she's not in any of them. That just ain't right.

Here are a couple of my faves of her from our trip:

On the walk to the Eiffel Tower.

We had many terrific restaurant experiences everywhere we went, but some of our favorite meals were our daily impromptu picnics. It seemed there was always an excellent deli and bakery nearby, so we'd start the day by picking up a fresh loaf of bread or baguette, get a few slices of prosciutto or salami and some provolone or brie, maybe a small container of artichoke hearts, and then, when we got hungry, stop on a bench or in a park someplace and make a little feast. Yum.

This picture was one of the best lunches of the trip, in a little piazza just outside the Vatican (that's the outside wall of St. Peter's Square on the right).

We decided at the last minute, while we were nearing the end of our Paris leg, to take a quick one-day side trip to Florence. So we flew from Paris to Rome and then jumped directly on the Firenze train. Michelle made all the travel arrangements on the Internet from our Paris hotel room, including a nice little pensione for one night.

This shot, outside the Florence Cathedral, the amazing 14th century church and bell tower known as Il Duomo, was a typical sight on our trip: Michelle wielding her camera.


freda said...

thanks Mark, they are great. Were you feeling a little homesick Michelle? Florence is kind of like home.

Rita said...

Great shots of the Michelle we all know and love!

Your narratives sure brought the scenes to life.

Book time.

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mich said...

You both know your way around a camera. Thanks for adding these to the collection.