Sunday, February 3, 2008


Today, as promised, we went on down to the Musee d'orsay and checked out the cool french artists, mostly the impressionist stuff. It being the first sunday of the month, we got in free, and the line when we got there was down the street with a bunch of other people looking to score a free look at all the good stuff inside. We went with the Kaye Recommends and had lunch in the cafe there, quiche and coffee for mark, blueberry pie and double coffee for me. Why do, when you can overdo?

Then a quick nap, and out again for a trip to the second Kaye Recommends of the day, to the musee des moyens age -- the museum of the middle ages -- and a gander at the lady with the unicorn tapestry. As promised, it was way cool.

Then on down to the Shakespeare & Co. bookstore where Hem used to hang back in the day. I got me a first edition HG Wells books for $5, plus the Tennyson tales of King A and a weird old UK mag from 1962, full of goofy ads. I passed up a brit first edition As I lay Dying, though it was cool, bc it was $50. Oh, for a nicer and gentler exchange rate.

Then, dinner at a horrible place (avoid the maison blanche in the latin quarter at all costs) and a bottle of vino brought back to the room. Did I mention that chocolate eclairs go quite well with red wine. Hot off the grill. Mmm.

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freda said...

what a wonderful day, a first edition for $5.00 it boggles the mind. I didn't think there was a bad resturant in Paris, oh well you win some you lose some. you are really stiring me up, I want to move back to France. thanks for taking time to fill us in, love to you both