Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Challenging, bargaining, or avoiding?

What did you think of Barack Obama's big speech on race yesterday?

It took me a while clicking around to find anything but news stories, transcripts or short video excerpts of the speech (newspaper sites are missing a bet here), so if you haven't seen the complete version and would like to, here it is:

I was impressed as I watched it. On purely a political level, Obama seemed to pull off the unlikely trick of using the first real negative press of his campaign -- his association with the fiery and voter-unfriendly Rev. Jeremiah Wright -- as an invitation to deliver an important and defining address about himself, his campaign and the nation.

Watching him talk, you see why so many people like him. He comes across as relaxed, thoughtful, nuanced, intelligent and engaging. Not a lot of politicians of the past, oh, eight years or so could make such an impression, especially on such a difficult subject.

I also thought, wow, this is just good campaigning. His willingness to take on his own political base while also defending it reminded me of Bill Clinton's critical Sister Souljah moment in the 1992 campaign, which might have been the turning point in that election. And in its personal tone and the weightiness of its subject, it made me think of John F. Kennedy's famous 1960 speech on religion in politics. (Compare the Kennedy speech and Obama's self-reflection with Mitt Romney's lame attempt last December to stick up for his Mormonism.)

If Obama wins this election, I thought, this speech might deserve a lot of the credit. How lucky for him that Rev. Wright's hateful sermons cropped up and bitch-slapped him. If Wright didn't exist, I thought, Obama might have to invent him, just to be able to talk about him.

But then as I looked over some of the coverage this morning I began to wonder.

Most of the analysis was full of praise for Obama and the address. See this New York Times story, for example. But Mickey Kaus, writing in Slate, dissects the speech to find a lot of avoidance and doublespeak. And Shelby Steele, in a Wall Street Journal op-ed that appeared yesterday before the speech, wrote provocatively and insightfully, I thought, about Obama and race, about the inherent bargain that he has struck with white voters. The dare-you-to-look-away hook for Steele's piece was that Geraldine Ferraro was right: Obama wouldn't be where he is today if he weren't black.

For a political junkie, it has all been great fun to watch and think about, with more twists and turns to come.

M&M-ville, I wonder what you think about all of this. Is "the race issue" helping or hurting Obama? Or is it the other way around?


freda said...

I don't know why I can't get the sound, I checked my computer and it says sound is loud, but it is lying to me. anyway. I think Barak Obama is a brilliant speaker, up there with Kennedy and Clinton. You can think of eight politicians in this country who can really be considered brilliant orators, I can only think of three, and those are the three. I think to say Barak Obama is where he is because he in black in a country with such rampant discrimination against blacks, is silly, he is where he is because he is a brilliant orator. Yes, it is exciting because he is a brilliant orator and he is black and he is a viable candidate. It is a shame that we have a great black candidate and a great woman candidate at the same time, I wish they could have come consecutively, but I am grateful they have come at all. About time. How exciting to have two candidates we want instead of having to decide which one we hate most.

Jason Bellamy said...

Mark: Thanks for posting the full video. I'd wanted to watch and hadn't had the chance.

I, too, read a similar mix of praiseworthy and critical reactions to Obama's speech, but that's to be expected in political coverage, especially during election season. One op-ed in the Post called it a "speech that fell short," and I agree with a lot of the arguments made within.

Still, I was impressed by Obama (full disclosure: he's been my favorite candidate long before we got into primary season). Here, in a time when candidates give stump speech after stump speech, Obama gets to the 16-minute mark before the crowd responds with applause. And it's not because it took him that long to say something applause-worthy, it's because his comments had such momentum and (wow!) gravity that I think people were stunned still.

Sure, the current administration hasn't set the bar very high, but I feel that Obama is an engaging speaker more than he's a thrilling orator. This will sound like a cheap knock on Bush, but one of the keys to Obama's public speaking is that he so clearly understands the words he's using. By comparison, Bush goes word to word like someone struggling with a foreign language. Obama already has the conclusion in his mind when he's five minutes into the speech. He sees the big picture.

Now, clearly Obama had help with this speech. He didn't sketch it out like Lincoln with the Gettysburg Address. But he understands the message beyond the words. And he believes his message. That much seems obvious. Bush has proclaimed himself "The Decider," but do any of us really believe that he makes any weighty decisions on his own without folks whispering the answers in his ear? By comparison, Obama here comes off like a West Wing president - like some sort of super hero ideal.

Does Obama dodge? Certainly. But he brings Wright back into the conversation more than once, when he could have left him behind, and he condemns Wright more than once. But then he dares to call Wright "family." And then he lectures blacks on their "complicity" in their condition. And then he lectures whites. And then he makes the most astute point of all, which is that this Wright flap is a distraction from the real issues. So, yeah, there are some dodges. But in my view Obama is avoiding a Randy Johnson fastball to the face by taking it in the shoulder instead. It's a pretty ballsy dodge, as dodges go.

What's almost ironic here is that Obama - the guy who has run on feelings (hope, etc.) more than issues - chose this moment to dive headfirst into a mud pit of issues that most politicians are too scared to approach. He was on issues overload. (Wright is not an issue. He's not running for office.)

Anyway, this has turned into a ramble. Until now, I wouldn't say that race has been a significant component of Obama's success; I think Ferraro was wrong. But I'm pleased to see that when the race issue presented itself that Obama didn't shy away from it. My respect for him increased with this speech not so much because of the ideals he expressed but because of the way he expressed them. It was a moment. That's for sure.

Anonymous said...

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Mark said...

How exciting: our first crazy, long-winded, off-topic, CAPS-LOCK political rant. Can nut-job tit-for-tat bickering be far behind?

We've made it!

Look out, Technorati rating, we're on the march. T-shirts and the M&M Global Relief Fund to come.

Mark said...

Jason, thanks for the excellent comment post. You're a smart dude, and it's nice to see you showing up here from time to time.

A reminder to M&M readers: If you haven't already done so check out Jason's excellent film blog,

Rita said...

I was going to comment earlier but when I saw the un-ending anonymous diatribe, I chose to leave the follow-up slot to you.

Good job, by the way.

Like Jason, I was gong to say, 'thank you' for including Obama's speech, since I had missed it. It was good but to me it sounded more like another
"I've Got a Dream" speech in support of the civil rights cause.

If he wins, maybe the "This Time" speech will be partly responsible. If he doesn't, it may at least earn him a national holiday some day, or a street in every city named after him.

freda said...

you are so right Rita, nice one Mark

Lisa G. said...


Thank you for posting the link for Obama's speech. He is in Portland today but I wasn't able to go and hear what he had to say. This election is more interesting than some recent past ones. It is nice that Oregon's primary will actually matter for once. I enjoyed the comments here. Though Anonymous has to have trouble living each day with all that anger and I bet doesn't even play Monopoly. It is wonderful that we are in a place where thoughts can be shared.