Friday, March 28, 2008

Seattle Bunion Newsletter

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When I was most disturbingly diagnosed this week with the old lady condition known in the local vernacular as "a bunion," Mark joked that he was going to start a newsletter.

And so, here is the first installment of my seattle bunion.

First of all, what gives with the horrendous looking shoes you are supposed to buy when you have a bunion? Dang dudes. About half of all women and less than 1/4 of men have bunions. With as many people as are out there shopping for buinion friendly shoes, you'd think they'd be putting some effort into making them look good.

Think again.


According to one helpful site "Bunions are also more common in older people." Thanks. This from the 1999 study "Trends in hospital admissions and surgical procedures for acquired toe deformities in the West Midlands." Thanks again.

Just think of me your deformed older friend. That'll work.

Poop. My toe hurts.


Mark said...

Nice post baby. An M&M classic, plus it saves me the trouble of doing it.

I never thought I'd be hanging out with a chick who had bunions and old-lady shoes.

Ronelle said...

If it makes you feel any feet hurt too! What size do you wear? Maybe we can share the latest styles, ha ha!

Michelle said...

size 11 -- beat that!

Mark said...

Ronelle, welcome back! Haven't spotted you in these parts in quite a while.

freda said...

sorry your feet hurt sweetie, but, it is hard to believe the girl who used to wear army boots is complaining about the ugly shoes.

Lisa G. said...


You should check out Clarks. They make some very comfortable shoes. I see big advertising money coming your way with the "Seattle Bunion Newsletter".

kateco said...

1) So sorry to hear about your painful bunion!

2) Size 11 -- all this time, I thought it was a petite 10

3)Monetize! Seattle Bunion Newsletter needs an aStore -- there's a whole bunion industry out there

Andrea said...

Oh my goodness, I'm laughing at my desk. This is such a funny post!

Now I understand why some of the ladies in Queen Anne wear the shoes that they wear. I always think, "Where do you find those?"