Sunday, March 9, 2008

The TripMobile

Sorry I have posted almost nothing in forever. I have been busy the past two weekends building this sleeping platform into the back of the mighty Element, now christened The TripMobile:

I just finished building the platform today. We hauled the futon I got free off Craiglist in there and tested it out. Works awesome. I tested out my ice chest. Fits like a dream.

I've been too busy sawing and sanding and drilling and such, so haven't taken any pictures yet. The platform above is the one that inspired the TripMobile's mod. You can see the rest of the pictures here.


Rita said...

You blow my mind!!!

Want to test it out in my garage?

freda said...

I am so impressed, wish you were down here I could use your skills.

Jason Bellamy said...

Mark never told me that he lived with a member of the A-Team. That's totally bitchin'!

kateco said...

element mod. sweet.