Monday, March 31, 2008

Whale Watching on Friday

Okay mom, here's the instructions for your whale watching adventure on Friday:

What to Wear/Bring:
The temperature is always a bit cooler on the water than on land because our water temperature is about 48 degrees. Wind off the water can produce a wind chill factor and acts as an instant air conditioning. Having said that, the Island Explorer 3 is very comfortable with plenty of room to get out of the weather. Layered clothing is recommended with comfortable shoes and a wind-breaker jacket. There are a few days in July and August where you could get away with shorts, but not on most days. Generally speaking, we are fortunate to have good weather here in the islands and if you are dressed well and prepared, you’ll be able to enjoy the outside decks a lot more than those who are not prepared.

Check out the rest here.

And this is where we're having lunch on Sunday.

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freda said...

great, thanks. I just got my computer so that I could ask you what I needed to bring, so good timing. I just brought in my suitcase to start collecting things. The house is still a total catastrophe, the guys finished the floors, but never came back to install the shoe molding, so the furniture and everything else is stacked all over the house, I will have to climb mountains to find stuff, so I had better get started. I will worry about getting the house in shape when I get back. can't wait to see you.