Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Another new FOM&M

This week we've already announced one new Friend of M&M -- The Freda Blog -- and now there's another: Wish I Were Here, by Jim Thomsen.

Jim showed up in the comments yesterday, remarking first on my post about Ellen Craswell. As night news editor at the Kitsap Sun, Craswell's home paper, Jim had crossed paths with Ellen too and had a few thoughts to share.

I searched around and found his blog, which I immediately liked. I recognized Jim's name but couldn't quite place him; in fact I had to ask him in a comment thread on his site whether we knew each other. Turns out no, but he was an intern at the Seattle Times the year I started there; we may have met at an orientation or a writing workshop somewhere along the line.

Anyway, Wish I Were Here is a smart and eclectic blog about stuff going on in Jim's life, with topics that will be familiar to M&M readers: writing, music, the news biz, ethics.

And he's already shown up in several comment threads here, with good points or discussion joggers about whales, Stones, politics and more. Hey, anybody who shares my disgust for Richie Sexson is more than welcome.

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