Friday, April 18, 2008

Are the flavors all as they should be?

My cool sister Michele was nice enough to buy me a going-away lunch this afternoon -- a nice break from packing for Pie in the Sky II -- but we had to laugh at our over-the-top waitress at the normally reliable Il Fornaio downtown.

Everything had to be explained just so and with a little extra flair, and the attention was a bit much. Shortly after she delivered our plates -- ravioli for Mich, capellini for me, both delish -- she was back to check on us.

"Are all the flavors as they should be?"

Mich, who had trouble stifling a laugh until the poor woman walked away, actually answered: "Yes, they are."

I muttered something to Mich about the tomato sauce tasting like chocolate.

Still, the food was good and it was great to see Michy one last time before Michelle and I leave in the morning. We get together quite often and we both said we'll miss our little lunch and coffee dates. She told me about the Kanye West concert she and her family saw the other night, and even offered to write a guest review for M&M! Can't wait for that.

Also she offered to swing by and pick up my drugs this weekend and forward them to Kaye's house but, miraculously, they appeared as scheduled this afternoon. So that's good.

Nicolosi & I still have a few things to put together tonight before we can leave in the morning, but we're actually in pretty good shape considering. Look out, open road, here we come.

(Mich, don't forget to send the review!)


Ronelle said...

For some reason I keep singing "On the road again" by Willie Nelson - and I am not going anywhere! I am glad your drugs arrived and all systems are go! I know you will be missed in Seattle, but I am happy to know you will be here soon. Have a great trip - I am sure you will make a million memories. Keep in touch with the blog when you can. Happy motoring - LIVE YOUR DREAMS!

Jim Thomsen said...

"Hitting The Road" mix:

— "Daybreak," Barry Manilow
— "Footloose," Kenny Loggins
— "Me And Bobby McGee," Janis Joplin
— "City Of New Orleans," Arlo Guthrie
— "Baba O'Riley," The Who
— "Tiny Dancer," Elton John
— "Turn The Page," Bob Seger
— "PCH," The Pernice Brothers
— "Road Buddy," Dar Williams
— "I Will Survive," Cake
— "Life Is A Highway," Tom Cochrane

Most of these are obvious, I know, but still ....

freda said...

glad to hear everything is on track and your meds made it. Can't wait to see you in NO. have a wonderful trip, stop and smell the flowers. give a hug to all your friends from me. I will be heading back to NO myself next Tuesday, ready and waiting for the jazz fest.

kateco said...

man the big boxes of Hearst beef arrived today -- and the Cohens will be making sure that all the flavors are just as they should be -- one week from tomorrow. Can't wait - xxx k

Rita said...

Can't wait to see you. Have a good drive and arrive hungry.

David said...

Okay, I'm ancient, but don't forget "goin' mobile" by the who, anything by the allman brothers...and maybe some driveby truckers too...

have a great time you guys!


Mark said...

Of all the songs suggested here (and thank you, everyone, for the ideas) none has yet crossed the lips of our iPod, as of late afternoon on Day 4.

Most, I'm sorry to report, probably won't, although I like The Who and I believe there's a Cake album around here someplace ...

I don't own any Allman Brothers (probably an oversight) or Barry Manilow (definitely not an oversight).

The shuffle setting has been in a good mood lately, providing (without much prompting) a classic mix dominated by Sinatra, Prince, Dylan, Marianne Faithful and the Ohio Players.