Monday, April 28, 2008

Blogworthy, but tardy

Man, get out on the road a few days and it can be tough to find the time or the wherewithal to keep the blog current. Sorry about that. No shortage of fun adventures though.

Since we last checked in here, we shared an unsurprisingly spectacular dinner with Kaye, Val and Laurie at K&V's house. And I had nice lunches with McDermott and Miriam, played plenty of poker in Los Angeles, including with my friend Stuart.

Also we drove (well, Michelle drove) to Las Vegas and spent an excellent night there, and drove much of the day today -- over Hoover Dam, south to Kingman then east across Arizona, mostly on historic Route 66, and now we're ensconced for the night in a cool old-school Route 66 stop called Motel DuBeau. $45! With free wireless! It rocks.

There are stories to tell and photos to post, but I don't know how much we'll get to tonight. We're both kind of tired, and we need to find some food and a beer.


Rita said...

Good to hear from you. Better to be too busy having fun to write about it, than to have plenty of time to write with nothing fun to tell. (Did I say that right?)
Sounds like you're making memories by the minute and having a wonderful time.

babs said...

M&M, I'm jealous! When it's rainy day in Portland and I'm reading about Flagstaff and LA, I'm wondering what I'm doing here. Keep on truckin'!

Mark said...

Thanks Mom. And Babs, welcome to our little world!

We met a very nice couple from Portland last night in Flagstaff, shooting pool. The woman noticed my Oregon sweatshirt and came over and started talking to us. They had spotted Flagstaff on a road trip, like us, and really liked it, as we did. So they decided to move there and go to school.

Oregonians across this great land, united by pool and beer and rain and the road.