Sunday, April 13, 2008

How funny

I noticed in the Live Traffic Feed in the left sidebar that someone from Indiana came to our blog directly on the the post Hot naked chicks ...," about Rosanne Olson's new body-image book. So I checked Google: Sure enough, we're the No. 8 result for the search "hot naked chicks," behind one science fiction story and a bunch of porn.

Yay for M&M! SEO rocks!

Sorry, Mr. Indiana. But pick up a copy of Rosanne's book.

She was on "Good Morning America" today, by the way. I watched, thanks to Tivo; you'll never see me awake at 7 a.m. on a Sunday. Short, sweet segment with Rosanne and several subjects of her book. Nice plug, and everyone looked and sounded great on TV.


freda said...

that's funny

freda said...

how do you know who is coming in and where they are coming from?

kateco said...

Hah! I still get hits for "picabo street nude" since this and this post ran on my index page in 2002. Back then I said this.

Hot naked chicks, the SEO gift that keeps on giving.