Friday, April 11, 2008

'I will have vengeance!'

That singing you hear here in West Seattle is coming from all those girls, and one guy, in full costume, filming scenes in and around our house for their remake of "Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street."

I'm not sure whose idea this production was, but I know Gina and Franny and their friends are obsessed with the recent "Sweeney Todd" movie -- did I mention it stars Johnny Depp? -- and somehow they've decided to shoot their own version this weekend. Very cool project.

So this afternoon Maddy and Katy and Austin and Mim and a bunch of other kids I didn't know and whose names I already forget showed up here after school with Bean. Maddy's the director; she even had a raspberry beret and a clapboard. Austin is Sweeney. Gina is Mrs. Lovett, the Helena Bonham Carter character. Franny's Pirelli.

They seemed quite organized and got a lot of scenes in the can this afternoon. We watched the daily rushes tonight. Not bad. Katy's going to edit on her computer.

I told them that when they're done cutting the trap door in the kitchen floor and dropping barbershop victims head-first into the basement, I'd appreciate it if they mopped up all the blood. That seemed OK with everyone.

Another long shooting day tomorrow and more, probably, on Sunday.

Michelle took official cast photos this afternoon.


freda said...

how very cool, congratulations Gina and Franny.

I used to do amature dramatics while I was at school, (did a few semesters/terms at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art while at school), as did Michelle, but never would have thought of "Sweeny Tod", and the idea of filming or the ability to do so is a very recent phenomenon. I would love to see it. nice pics Michelle

Rita said...

Looks like a troupe-on-the-move to me.


Ronelle said...

What fun! I told Christin about this and her immediate response was...I WANT TO BE IN IT TOO!! Any openings for a soprano? We are not above nepotism.