Friday, April 11, 2008

Preliminary Seattle Times departure list

Here is the first list of news staffers who apparently are going to lose their jobs as part of the Seattle Times cuts announced this week (the full staff memo from Executive Editor David Boardman follows):

Ashley Bach, Eastside reporter
Diane Brooks, Snohomish County reporter
Jordan Dawson, lead news assistant
Rachel Dooley
Sherry Grindeland, Eastside columnist
Judy Groom, resale and permissions specialist
William Holden
Karen Johnson, reporter
Janica Lockhart, copy editor resident
Stephen Norris
Amy Roe, Eastside reporter
Christina Siderius
CeCe Sullivan, home economist
Lynn Thompson, Eastside reporter
Lauren Vane, reporter
Diane Wright, Snohomish County reporter

Although news reports said 30 people in the newsroom would be laid off (along with 19 job openings that won't be filled, all part of 200 positions lost in all departments of the paper), this list includes 16 people. Others may come from targeted buyouts. And the list isn't final, since it's possible that some here will be able to exercise an option under the Guild contract to move to a different position. We'll try to keep the list updated.

M&M wishes to extend our sympathy and best wishes to these journalists, their families and their colleagues.

Here is Boardman's April 8 memo to the news staff:

Here, as we discussed in today's staff meeting, are the people and positions directly affected by today's announcement of a Reduction in Force. As we explained, the first list is people who have been informed that they will be laid off because their job functions are being reduced or eliminated. They are:

Ashley Bach, Diane Brooks, Jordan Dawson, Rachel Dooley, Sherry Grindeland, Judy Groom, William Holden, Karen Johnson, Janica Lockhart, Stephen Norris, Amy Roe, Christina Siderius, CeCe Sullivan, Lynn Thompson, Lauren Vane, Diane Wright.

The second list is positions that we designated for possible layoff in our required communication to the Guild. However, this list may bear little resemblance to the ultimate reality. Each of the people in these positions has been advised as to his/her likely vulnerability of layoff.

Those positions are:

Desk Editor (4), Reporter (4), Photographer, Lead News Assistant, News Resident, News Page Designer (2), Editorial Cartoonist.

Depending on the number of accepted Expressions of Interest we get from people willing to leave voluntarily, the least senior people in these categories may or may not lose their jobs involuntarily. We will know that next week.

Again, please be respectful and sensitive to the people who are losing their jobs and those whose jobs are at risk.

If you have questions about the Expression of Interest process or package, please see Suki, Kathy, Pat or me.

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