Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Santa Barbara to L.A.

A few stray shots from yesterday's relaxing and pretty day.

We woke up in the Excellent Element at the beautiful El Capitan State Beach just north of Santa Barbara. This was the place Michelle booked for us online. It was as lovely as advertised and, at $25 a night, quite the bargain. There were a few other campers there, some sitting around a fire, others running a generator to power the TV inside their RVs. But it was clean and quiet, a four-glioma campground.

We got in after dark on Monday, flashlighted our way down to this nice beach just beyond our campsite and enjoyed a simple but perfect dinner: a second turkey sandwich from Pete's in San Francisco and a Red Hook beer from the Element-powered mini-fridge.

We continued driving down the 101 toward LA, but detoured to Ojai, as I mentioned yesterday, and jumped onto the free wireless at the nice little Ojai Coffee Roasting Co.

Entering Los Angeles, we left the 101 for the first time since downtown San Francisco and merged onto the 405, our "home" freeway, or one of them, when we lived here.

Then we headed straight for a little reunion at Kaye's in Belmont Shore (that's in Long Beach, for you non-Californians), and later had dinner with Kaye and Val at El Torito's, one of our old hangs.

Yet another very fun day.

Pie in the Sky II stats so far: Days 4, Excellent Days 4.


Jim Thomsen said...

This is pure awesomeliciousness.

I'm very much enjoying the vicarious journey. While listening to "Memory Motel" by the Rolling Stones.

freda said...

great trip, great pictures, glad you are having fun, hey Kay and Val.

Rita said...

Love those stats! If anyone knows how to enjoy life - it's M&M.

Keep up the terrific coverage. It really makes the day for those of us who don't get out of town much.
The pictures have been awsome.

LaSue said...

looking forward to seeing you Saturday. You look and sound great.

Andrea said...

Um, why do you have a goat in your mast head?

Also, the little scar on Mark Matassa-Simpson is a hilarious detail!

...And finally, this is the third time I'm trying to post. Apparently, I'm not very good with this direction: "Enter the letters as they are shown in the image."

Mark said...

Andrea, thanks for the comments.

Michelle loves goats. Here's the previous M&M coverage on this topic.